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12 July 2004 (update: 04 Sep 2004)

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Abiword, support hspell since hspell 0.7 and enchant 1.1.3.
( hspell 0.8 is supported since enchant 1.1.4 (cvs) )

Abiword and Enchant: Abiword does not include a speller, it use enchant to communicate with different spell checkers installed on the system.


Debian unstable

apt-get install hspell enchant Abiword-gnome



Fedora (the rpm from fedora use pspell and not enchant)

get Abiword from:
get enchant from:
get hspell from:


emerge hspell enchant abiword


get hspell and compile/install it.
get enchant and compile/install it.
get Abiword and compile compile/install it.

a note about source and ebuild ( gentoo ), hspell 0.8 will only work with enchant >=1.1.4.


Abiword can spell check different languages in the same document, but the user has to let it know what is the language.
Abiword will use its defaults or the current locale, unless the user will select the text and set it's language, using the tools->set-language menu.

[ISO mpeg4]

Seting Abiword defaults

Abiword saves its default template at: ~/.AbiSuite/templates/normal.awt

To set up your default template:
1. Create a directory, ~/.AbiSuite/templates
2. Edit a file in Abiword that use your defaults (e.g fonts, lang. etc... )
3. save this file as template at ~/.AbiSuite/templates/normal.awt

The next time you will run Abiword this will be your defaults.

Known problems

Hspell Ver. <= 0.8 give strange suggestion lists if system locale is set to utf-8,
just set your locale to "C" (or "he_IL.iso-8859-8" if your system support it).

Nikud, Hspell recognize words with nikud as mistakes.

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